{infer} v1.0.0 is on CRAN

Some short reflections on working on the {infer} R package.

Applying to the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP)

A compilation of the advice that made me feel most informed and confident while applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Pipe-esque Programming with {ggplot2}’s Plus Operator

Writing iterative code with ‘+’ rather than ‘%>%’ was a tough transition my first time around.

Big Things (Developer Documentation pt. 4)

On the tension between documenting R packages exhaustively and maintainably.

Naming the Things (Developer Documentation pt. 3)

Weighing the pros and cons of several possible schemas for naming the core functions in {stacks}.

Splitting Things Up (Developer Documentation pt. 2)

Why {stacks} requires (at least) four separate functions to build an ensemble model rather than wrapping them all up into one.

How {stacks} Came To Be (Developer Documentation pt. 1)

Introducing a set of blog posts reflecting on the development process of the {stacks} package.

What's Next For Me

I’ve been a bit unsure about how personal this blog ought to be, and what qualifies as “significant” enough to post. A lot of changes are coming up soon for me, though, and this feels like a good place to document.

Applying to Graduate School in Statistics and Biostatistics

There were all sorts of tips and tricks about applying to grad school that I was only able to learn about via office hours, personal meetings, and Twitter DMs, and I thought it would be worth publicly compiling some lessons learned.

Running R Scripts on a Schedule with GitHub Actions

Some pointers on running R scripts and committing their results to a GitHub repository on a regular interval using Actions.